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Get to Know Maritime Sikh Society

 - The Maritime Sikh Society in the last 52 years has made a tremendous contribution towards the religious, cultural, and social lives of Sikhs in the Maritime.

Maritime Sikh Society

By Jagpal Singh Tiwana

Nova Scotia, Canada’s “ocean playground”, started attracting Sikhs to its beautiful land in the early nineteen sixties. Most of the Sikhs who came here were teachers, engineers and doctors. Among them, Gajinder Singh Chowdhury is believed to be the first Sikh to reach Nova Scotia. Landing in Ottawa in 1958 from UK, he moved to Halifax in 1959. After finishing his studies at the Dalhousie Universit....



Sikhism is one of the youngest religions, sixth in the world. There about 26 million Sikhs in the world, about 75% of them live in the Punjab, India. Though Sikhs are less than 2% of India’s population, yet they have made a name for themselves in almost all walks of life such as armed forces, agriculture, sports, industry, education, medicine, engineering, transportation etc., through sheer dint of hard work. The present Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh is a Sikh.

MSS Gurdwara Committe Memebers

Meet the team

The vision and mission of Gurdwara Maritime Sikh Society is carried forward by a dedicated team who wilfully organises and manages religious and cultural diwans serving the community in Maritime Canada.

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